Simulate Donald Trump's Vision of America!

The Donald Trump Simulator is the world's most advanced Trump simulation technology. We can simulate what a Donald Trump presidency will feel like with incredible accuracy, so YOU don't have to wait until inauguration! What are you waiting for? Start experiencing the impending future of America, today!

Download (Mac or Windows)


The Wall

The walls have been recreated at the exact height Donald Trump has suggested (35-45ft).

Zero Minorities

Donald Trump only called for “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States,” but we knew what he meant. So we went ahead and made sure that no minorities were included.

Best Quotes

Enjoy all of his unforgettable quotes mentioned during his campaign. He 'has the best words.'

Neck Fat

Watch a highly realistic CG replication of his neck flab glisten right in front of your eyes.

So Much Winning

Just as he has promised, you will have so much winning that “you may get bored with winning.”

Surprise Ending

Will you spend enough time in the simulation to experience it?


The Donald Trump Simulator is a small and silly game. It was made in a month based off of a nightmare the I had. If you don't want Trump-fueled nightmares, then you're better off not playing this game. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy it.